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The Creative Brain


Networks for the Creative Brain

A series of graphic posters illustrating the multiple networks that are at work for specific creative activities.


Creative Strategy Tool Box

01 Digging Deeper

Ask better questions, ask deeper questions to help you get to a place of understanding, and finding new meaning and definition. Asking questions and answering them. 

02 Problem Framing

Taking the question and  assuming it is wrong, and change it into a better question. Avoid band-aid solutions and reframe the problem.

03 Pattern Breaking

Find all of obvious solutions to the problem and avoid them. Do the opposite.


04 Planting Limits

Plant constraints to the problem. 

05 Dynamic Prototyping

Fail fast prototyping refers to a process of continuously improving the solution to a design problem instead of trying to imagine the perfect solution before executing it. 

06 Inspirational Investment

Take a break. Find parallel universes. Fill up your inspirational fuel tank. Take yourself on a journey.


07 Vision Calibration

The Process of setting your own “North”. Setting Precise goals instead of vague ones.

08 Perspective Shift

The act of approaching a problem from a different point of view.

09 Creative Remix

Mix two things that normally don’t belong together.