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Radically Practical Products


Radically Practical Product Series


Brief: A series of weekly experiments done for course ‘Creative Strategies developed by professor Fridolin Beisert, which helps students develop strategic approaches to creativity.

The strategy I used was “Radically Practical”. It is a design methodology that explores the boundaries of “traditional product thinking” and asks the question:

“How practical can a product be?”

Radical Practical Sketchies-01.png

I chose to redesign three objects: Matches, Pasta, & a tape dispenser.


1. Scatola: Radically Practical Pasta

Scatola is a 3D printed pasta which was inspired by a question: Can your food be designed more practically? 


The repetition of squared openings allows for a unique textural eating experience one can almost play and feel with one’s tongue. The openings affords your fork to perfectly fit - evoking the nostalgia of eating macaroni as a child, forking them on each prong, oh so satisfying.


The Process

Brief: Create an entry for the 2017 Barilla Smart Pasta Competition. Design a unique eating experience and pasta shape utilizing 3D printing technology.

Strategy: Planting Limits

Limit: Design with ‘Right Angles’ only. 


2. Ember

Radically Practical Matches

A set of matches redesigned for specific everyday occasions, using the design methodology “Radically Practical”. 



It started with a question: Can a match be more practical?


2 Minute Match

Tired of holding short matches and then burning your fingers? The two minute match lets you hold onto the match for a radically practical period of time. 


"That was cake" Match

Have only one match to do the job of lighting a ton of birthday candles?  Wasting 2 minutes of your life? The “That Was Cake” Match allows you to light multiple candles at once so you can just get on with singing Happy Birthday.


3. Tape-anista

Tape-anista is a Radically Practical Tape Dispenser. Tape for every width you want at any length you want it, for every job out there.

**Work still in progress